$859 Charge for VGM Typo

July 29, 2016

Seabridge Global Logistics News

SHIPPERS have been reminded to take the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) declarations seriously when last week, a freight forwarder was charged $859 after making a typo-error on the VGM of a pre-receival advice form sent to DP World Australia at West Swanson Dock.

The freight forwarder accidentally dropped a zero from 18,000 kg, resulting in an incorrectly declared VGM of 1,800 kg.

Opinions across the industry have been mixed over whether this was an exorbitant amount to be charged for a typo. However, it has been a hefty reminder that the onus of weight verification is on the shipper or their representative (in this case, the freight forwarder) and that there will be consequences for incorrect declarations.

The charges, billed for a total of $859, are as follows:
$220 – box received, but not shipped
$98 – two yard moves
$231 – for two storage days (day 1 box into terminal; day 2 box out of terminal)
$210 – for truck to take the box out of the terminal for relodgment

We commiserate with the freight forwarder in question over the high price to pay for what appears to be a human error. Though, it has highlighted the real world need for VGM, as 16 tonnes of mis-declared weight does present a safety risk.

Seabridge relies on information submitted by our clients to be accurate in order to submit correct VGM’s. It is important that weight details for cargo are precise across all stages of the supply chain in order to guarantee accurate weight declarations and avoid unforeseen delays and charges.

Please contact a Seabridge export specialist today on 1800 727 195 if you have any further questions about the VGM or sea freight.