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Logistics projects managed end to end by experts.

The Seabridge project logistics team, working closely with leading carriers, facilitate the transport of even the most challenging cargo. We can promise capacity and competitive rates thanks to our extensive network of shipping and supply chain logistics contacts, and we can make any project logistics process simple.

No two projects are the same, and expert consultation and management are the keys to transporting challenging cargo. The Seabridge project logistics team offer an integrated approach to ensure all schedules are met with the most efficient, cost-effective, flexible and safe transport solution.

When it comes to project logistics, it is vital that you have a trusted freight forwarder and freight logistics professional on your side. A reliable international project logistics company is crucial to the success of your global supply chain.

Trusted Project Logistics Management

The project logistics team will manage your project, ensuring the utmost safety and security of your cargo by working with you to determine the size of the load, developing a customised logistics plan and identifying any possible risks.

By selecting Seabridge as your single-source freight forwarder for logistics services, you have access to our global network of logistics providers, and you are sure to receive the most efficient, cost-effective, flexible and safe transport solution.

Our experienced team of project logistics specialists can handle even the most challenging project. Contact us today to discuss your project logistics needs.



Quality Project Logistics Management

When it comes to your cargo, you need an experienced project logistics management company who understands what it takes to achieve goals and work with third-party logistics providers. Ultimately, you want to know that your goods will arrive on time and in the same condition that they left in. At Seabridge, we plan for the best, expect the unexpected and manage the unforeseen, which means that your supply chain and goods delivery is managed from start to finish.

Our team are committed to your freight logistics and have the highest level of logistics management experience. You can be assured that when it comes to your supply chain logistics, we will work alongside you to provide exceptional logistics service, no matter the parameters.

We have experience in working with large and indivisible cargo, heavy lift cargo, raw materials and a range of other goods. We can work with you whether you need domestic shipping or international logistics. Our customised project logistics services mean that no matter what you are shipping and where you are shipping it to, you’ll get a transport plan that suits you.

By working with us, you’ll avoid delays due to customs or shipping, and minimise costs for your transport. We cover everything from pick up and transport to storage and collection. Speak with our team today to find out more about our freight logistics services.


Complete Project Logistics Service

At Seabridge, we are experts in project logistics and experienced as a freight forwarder. When it comes to logistics management, you need a company that takes a hands-on approach to the service you want. We focus on keeping you informed and are dedicated to delivering a service that allows for your business to have a global supply chain.

We facilitate all elements of transport logistics so that no matter where you are in the world, you know exactly where your shipment is, at all times. We offer a project logistics service that is:

International – No location is too remote when you work with Seabridge as your logistics management company.

Local and accessible – Global service with a local team. We offer you access to your shipment no matter where it is with our state-of-the-art cargo tracking technology. Get peace of mind for your business, keep customers updated about their products and better manage your supply chain.

Responsive – Enjoy full access and communication with your project manager and get information about your shipment in regular updates and reporting.

Flexible – We can help you with both single-source solutions and as part of your larger shipping journey.


Marine Insurance

We take every precaution to manage the risks associated with international logistics, but also offer our services as an experienced cargo insurance broker. We offer this service to protect our customers against the potential costs arising from damage, loss or theft.

If you would like your project logistics manager to give you more information about a single cargo shipment or a competitive Annual Cover premium, please contact Seabridge today for a comprehensive assessment of your import/export cargo.

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