Ocean Freight

A reliable international ocean freight provider is crucial to global supply chain success.

Seabridge is able to facilitate the transport of all ocean freight, offering expert advice for cost-effective and reliable routing, transit times and shipping schedules. Drawing on a wealth of ocean freight experience, Seabridge is able to solve the most complex of supply chain challenges.

With a broad range of ocean freight solutions, you can rest assured that your cargo is going to arrive at the right place, at the right time and in the same condition it left in. We place an emphasis on providing a valuable service in a cost-effective way and add the extra dimension that your business needs to be a trusted global supplier.

We work with a range of ocean freight carriers, all experienced sea freight transport companies who are experts in ocean freight shipping and logistics. Our dedication to planning and management means that your ocean shipping needs are managed from start to finish, and you are updated every step of the way.

Choose Seabridge for your ocean freight shipping and enjoy the peace of mind that working with a dedicated ocean cargo shipping manager can bring.

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Seabridge is Your Trusted Ocean Freight Provider

Long-standing relationships with leading ocean carriers, as well as vast experience in sea cargo secure competitive rates, capacity and flexible sailing options.

  • Door to Door for sea freight shipping
  • Roll on-roll off (RO-RO) – Vessels designed to carry wheeled cargo that is driven on and off the ship on their own wheels or using a platform vehicle. Cargo examples: cars, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers and railroad cars.
  • Full Container Load (FCL) – A standard container that is loaded and unloaded from ocean shipping under the risk and account of the shipper or consignee. This is a reliable and cost-effective way to transport your goods. We offer a wide range of pick up and delivery options across the world and can track every shipment, no matter where it is, around the clock.
  • Less than a container load (LCL) – When the shipment will not fill a container and is shipped in a container with other loads from other customers. We manage your load from end to end and keep our promise when it comes to deadlines. As with FCL, you have a range of delivery options around the world.
  • Break Bulk or Heavy Haulage – Cargo that needs to be individually loaded, rather than in containers. Examples of how cargo can be transported for international freight shipping: drums, boxes, crates, bags, barrels or unit loads of items secured to a pallet or skid.
  • Multimodal Sea/Air/Land solutions for sea freight and land freight needs

Trust Seabridge as a complete single-source solution for international freight shipping that delivers goods on time, to your exacting specifications. Contact us today.


Complete Global Service and Ocean Freight

We specialise in global logistics and sea freight. As your ocean cargo shipping provider, we take a hands-on approach when it comes to providing the highest level of customer service possible, and in considering the needs of your business. We offer customised advice and knowledge to ensure that your business can implement a complete global supply chain. We have the experience and ability to facilitate all integral elements of your sea freight shipping needs; from international freight shipping to domestic.

We offer a sea freight solution that is:

International – No location is out of your reach when you engage Seabridge as your international freight forwarding service.

Local and accessible – We are an established company with sophisticated cargo tracking technology so that you can track and engage with your stock no matter where it is in the world.

Responsive – We have contracts in place with leading carriers so you can enjoy priority uplift and urgent shipping when required.

Flexible – We’re equipped to manage single-source solutions or an element of a larger shipping journey.


Marine Insurance

While every effort is taken to mitigate risk in transporting goods by air, land or sea, Cargo Insurance exists to cover your imported or exported goods against damage, loss or theft. In addition to being a single-source freight forwarding provider, Seabridge is also an experienced cargo insurance broker.

We can arrange competitive insurance quotes for Single Cargo Shipments as well as competitive Annual Cover premiums. Whether you need cover for a one-off shipment or cover for regular international freight, contact Seabridge today for a comprehensive assessment of your import/export cargo.

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