3PL Warehousing

Focus on core business functions by engaging with a comprehensive third-party logistics warehousing provider.

Outsourcing your warehousing to Seabridge can significantly reduce overheads and streamline operations. So, if you are having trouble finding all of the space that you want, or if your current 3PL warehousing provider isn’t providing what you need, contact Seabridge today. We are your trusted third-party logistics manager who can help with dedicated warehousing and 3PL solutions.

Seabridge provides a reliable, efficient and cost-effective alternative to in-house options. We offer both short-term and ongoing warehousing for all your critical inventory and international freight needs. Take advantage of the resources and knowledge of an established logistics provider while benefiting from flexibility with space, labour and transport based on inventory needs.

No two logistics projects are the same. At Seabridge, we provide the expert management that your business requires to meet your cargo and shipping needs. We will help you perform with efficient, effective, and reliable 3PL warehousing.

For product storage and warehousing, you need a trusted third party logistics supplier on your side. Seabridge is the link you need to complete your global supply chain.


Trusted 3PL Warehousing Facilities

Operating several warehouse facilities across Australia, Seabridge ensures safe handling and storage for all short and long-term warehousing needs.

  • Racked bays
  • Block stack areas
  • Container handling equipment
  • 24-hour security
  • Pest Control
  • Cross Docking

Our experienced team of project logistics specialists can handle even the most challenging project. Contact us today to discuss your third party logistics needs.


Quality 3PL Warehousing

You can trust us with your most valuable shipments and storage because our reputation as a provider is just as important as yours is as a supplier.

We are well known in the industry for providing quality warehousing and third party logistics services and understand the importance of straightforward, reliable and accurate 3PL warehousing. We configure and customise your logistics based on your needs and can offer a precise solution that is geared to your growth.

We act fast when it comes to providing 3PL solutions. We ensure that visibility and tracking are always available and that you know exactly how much you have of any product. We can help you adjust stock imbalances and help you address any low inventory issues.

You will enjoy a scalable solution that adjusts based on your service offering. The global supply chain today isn’t developed around unutilised warehouse space; it’s about working with a flexible provider and getting exactly what you need through 3PL warehousing.


Complete Third-Party Warehousing Solutions

Seabridge is a dedicated shipping and logistics management solution offering you support and superior service so you can achieve more with your business. When you need a committed partner to fulfil your global supply chain needs, we are here to help.

Local support – You’ll have a dedicated warehousing representative on hand to update and advise you.

Track and trace your goods – Global service with a local team. With dedicated cargo tracking technology you will enjoy peace of mind and stock management from anywhere in the world.

Responsive – With round the clock service for international businesses you’ll never be in the dark.

Flexible – Need a single-source solution or are looking for a long-term partner? We are here to help as your 3PL warehousing supplier.


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We are ready to help you with an in-depth strategic consultation to ensure your needs are going to be met with our third party logistics management. Contact us at Seabridge today for a comprehensive assessment of your import and export needs and discover a sophisticated solution.

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