New Bio-security Act in Effect

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ON THE 16 JUNE the Quarantine Act 1908 was repealed and replaced by the Bio-security Act 2015.

The changes have occurred in an effort by the government to regulate for the future by strengthening and modernising Australia’s biosecurity regulatory framework. Primarily, the change is a shift towards risk-based biosecurity and aims to promote efficiency by focusing resources on areas where risk of non-compliance is highest and the consequences the most severe.

Processes and regulatory mechanisms have been improved, simplified and clarified. The reduction in red tape and streamlining of legislation is estimated to reduce business compliance costs by $6.9 million annually.

The new Act aims to provide a safe and seamless transition of people and goods across Australia’s borders and The Act does not radically change the operational functions of the Quarantine Act.

However it provides clear legislation on how to manage biosecurity risks, increase efficiency while decreasing regulation, improve compliance, provide protection from public health risks and meet Australia’s international obligations.

The benefits for both government and business include reduced cost, bureaucracy and delays.

For more information on the new Biosecurity Act 2015 and its impact on your business, please contact an experienced Seabridge imports specialist today.

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