Australian Trusted Trader Programme

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THE Australian Trusted Trader Programme is a voluntary accreditation programme that acknowledges secure and compliant industry supply chain practices, offering tailored trade facilitation benefits to accredited businesses. It aims to streamline and facilitate trade and enhance supply chain security.

The Programme will be open to all Australian Business Number (ABN) holders that are actively involved in the international supply chain. This includes brokers, importers and exporters, domestic and international freight companies, ports and airports.


Accreditation is available to all Australian businesses who are active in the international trade supply chain, who meet or exceed the required standards. Qualification is usually based on supply chain security and a high level of compliance with Customs laws.

A pilot phase was launched on 1 July 2015 which allowed time to implement and test the new programme across different industry sectors and explore the range of benefits and enhancements that might be offered.

Several industry partners were selected to participate in the early stage to share their knowledge and experience.

Businesses that establish that they meet requirements relating to supply chain security and a history of trade compliance will be formally recognised as low-risk and accredited as Trusted Traders.


Trusted Trader Benefits

Australian Trusted Trader will offer Trusted Traders benefits that reward better supply chain management and help businesses forge new global trade links and operate with greater certainty.

Qualifying importers and exporters are treated more favourably than non-qualifying traders.

  • Less interference by Customs
  • Faster clearance of goods
  • A higher level of service from the Customs authority.

By offering incentives to ATT businesses, a growing proportion of international trade will become secured to an internationally recognised standard.

Trusted Trader Streamlined Reporting


Many countries allow for quicker clearance and less pre or post clearance checks where the exporter is a member of a trusted trader or similar program. Through mutual recognition exporters are less likely to be subject to lengthy delays at foreign borders.


The benefits will depend on whether you pay significant duty and the extent to which you currently experience delays in clearing goods or otherwise dealing with Australian Customs.

Main benefit is that you will not be part of the smaller group of traders who will be the main focus of the Australian Custom’s compliance activity.

Remaining outside the TTP will NOT be simply maintaining the status quo.

What Now?

The consistent element of the program worldwide is that the participants must have a strong compliance record.

Importers and exporters should be:
  • Assessing whether their past imports and exports are fully compliant
  • Where there is doubt regarding compliance, consider obtaining rulings from Australian Customs
  • Reviewing internal customs compliance procedures
  • If compliance issues are identified, seek advice regarding voluntary disclosure
  • Reviewing systems are in place to ensure security concerning each of the goods, personnel and data relating to international transactions

For more information on the Australian Trusted Trader Programme and how it can benefit your business, please contact Seabridge today and speak with one of our experienced Customs Consultants.

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