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CHANGING freight forwarders can be a time consuming and laborious task. Both time and effort are spent in researching possible candidates, and then further expense and time is spent training specific procedures and service requirements. Due to the time spent engaging in and developing a relationship, assessment of whether the service being provided is ideal for a specific business’s needs can often be neglected.

As freight forwarders have a huge impact on a company and its future business prospects it is important that assessment is made. When reviewing the forwarder, pay attention to these four main service areas.

Customer Service

International freight forwarding is a customer centric service, and the freight forwarder should be heavily focused on building the strongest customer service functions then delivering them to their clients. Customer service and satisfaction is a significant differentiator between freight forwarders and a superior logistics provider will deliver premium customer service.

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service that is responsive and accessible. A committed Seabridge customer service representative tailors an individual freight solution that is optimised to the specific business and cargo needs of their client. From there, the representative manages the shipment, continuously evaluating and amending the solution where necessary whilst resolving any issues that may arise.

Business Needs

The range of services provided by a freight forwarder needs to match the needs of their clients and not all freight forwarders are equal. If your business is dynamic and constantly evolving, issues may arise if forwarding needs outgrow the capabilities of the logistics provider. A well-established freight forwarder will be able to transport containers from door to door, and everything inbetween. Beyond this, they will have the capabilities to deliver high levels of transparency and visibility via their online tracking systems, throughout the entire supply chain.

At Seabridge we are dedicated to delivering freight forwarding solutions that are reliable and efficient. We deliver on time, every time and our team is committed to meeting your schedule, no matter how demanding. Our single source solutions include air and ocean freight, project logistics, customs clearance and consultancy, as well as 3PL warehousing.

Technology and Market Intelligence

International freight forwarders should be deploying the latest technology and market intelligence to remain ahead. Innovations in technology enable freight forwarders to maximise their reach and mitigate risk. Engaging with a freight forwarder who is proactively remaining at the forefront of technological evolutions can be the needed edge over competition.

A flexible and efficient tracking platform is critical to logistics, and this is why we use my.Seabridge, a state of the art online interface that allows for complete transparency and greater control throughout the supply chain, as well as consistent service which, most importantly, makes it easier to keep our clients happy.


A good network of overseas agents ensures smooth process along the supply chain and helps freight to arrive in a timely manner. Established freight forwarders have various carrier contracts, improving rates and service options. This is especially important in peak season when space can be limited. Having access to a broad network of agents also means that established freight forwarders have bargaining power, which will allow for access to better rates than an independent business would have. Freight forwarders have broad experience in dealing with their agents and have the ability to negotiate complex logistics issues along the supply chain. This results in saving a great deal of time and money and provides ultimate project outcome.

By selecting Seabridge as a single-source freight forwarding provider, clients have access to our global network, and are sure to receive the most efficient, cost-effective, flexible and safe transport solution. No location is beyond the reach of Seabridge’s international freight forwarding service. As a complete international freight and project logistics provider, we service all industries in both the primary and secondary sectors.

Your supply chain is an important and integral part of your business and your freight forwarder must be capable of keeping this element strong. In a dynamic business environment, a leading freight forwarder is continuously adopting best practices and improving on them, if your freight forwarder is not willing to adapt than it is unlikely that your supply chain will be optimised and you will fall behind competitors. Review these essential service measures, call us today and find out how we ensure we exceed expectations at Seabridge.

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