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A FLEXIBLE and efficient tracking platform is critical to logistics, especially as supply chains become more complex and potential disruptions increase. In order to deliver excellent service to clients we need to build excellent relationships with their them whilst managing complex execution processes. The logistics industry has relied on innovation since the advent of the telephone and each wave of technology has resulted in improved productivity, customer service and profitability for the industry and its clients.

The ideal logistics system smoothly delivers goods where they are required, when they are required, with the least amount of cost, energy and harm. This involves reducing wait time and handling during the transport of goods to their final destination. The smooth flow of information in every part of the system is vital for ensuring the smooth flow of freight and online service channels are now steadfastly part of our daily lives and are often the ideal service option. my.Seabridge the Integrated Web Tracking System used at Seabridge delivers significant benefits and service improvements, allowing for complete transparency throughout the supply chain, consistent service, increased productivity, greater control and most importantly, it is easier to keep our clients happy.




1. Consistency in Service

In order to provide consistent service to clients, it is important to manage the organisation as a whole and harness the latest innovations in technology, specifically Integrated Web Tracking Systems. Improving access to software and tracking allows organisations to proactively respond to client demand, inventory turnover and the regulatory requirements of warehouse management solutions. Integrated Web Tracking Systems also allow for better communication, resulting in disruptions and issues being resolved faster than before. 

Clients expect end-to-end, up to date freight solutions that freely and easily allow them to transport cargo from A to B. Centralising operations through Integrated Web Tracking Systems not only keeps clients happy but helps to remain compliant, eliminates bottlenecks, aids in preventing costly mistakes and helps to avoid unnecessary delays.

2. Increase Productivity

Simply put, when old, manual processes are performed or are totally eliminated by a new software application, significant gain is possible. It is of high priority for companies to lower costs and operate with increased efficiency, for this to be possible, the most efficient logistics operations must be in place. The use of sophisticated and comprehensive logistics software, such as an Integrated Web Tracking System like my.Seabridge automates operations to streamline processes. Transparency of the data and the instant nature of the platform means that the need for tedious, paperwork filled administration is soon a thing of the past.

3. Control Cost

Implementation of powerful software tools means that costs can successfully be controlled and continued business growth realised through the automation of logistics functions. Complete automation significantly reduces job turn-around time and minimises documentation errors and mistakes, further controlling costs.

A full integration of operations and finance provides huge business benefits such as improved cash flows, reduced costs and minimises revenue leakages. Alerts on outstanding dues and collection improves fund flows, helps prevent unbilled service expenses and builds an approval mechanism to avoid overpayment or collection.

4. Keep Clients Happy

The overarching goal is to keep clients happy by giving a better service experience. Web-integrated client service portals give real-time information about shipment status as well as customised status reports or automated email and SMS notifications that can be sent to clients. Integrated Web Tracking solutions help logistics companies manage entire client’s life cycle and generate client’s insights. If it moves, it can be tracked, with detailed real time reporting on stock levels to tracking forklifts and freight movements.

  Seabridge’s portal my.Seabridge is a highly sophisticated, fully integrated technology platform. It allows for the timely exchange of information with all users, visibility of supply chain and real time tracking and tracing. An added value of my.Seabridge is in the provision of paperless operations for trading and transport documents, electronic transactions and communications between stakeholders. my.Seabridge manages the flow of data and documents that track and control inventory, assets and people in motion. Designed expressly for logistics operations, it is built for the particularities of different transportation modes and country borders.

Whether you’re an importer or an exporter my.Seabridge grants you increased visibility to monitor the status and movements of your goods in real-time at any time. Contact us today to find out more about how my.Seabridge can help you achieve your business goals.

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