US Air Cargo Requirements in Effect

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FROM 1 July, United States air cargo screening requirements have applied to all exports from Australia to the US.

These requirements have been imposed on airlines by the US Government and demand that all air cargo being transported to the US is either examined at piece level (box, carton, pallet or another deconsolidated form of cargo) or originates from a Known Consignor.

These requirements have been imposed by the US on all airlines carrying Australian air cargo to the US.

The Australian Government has been working with businesses over the last two years to help them comply and be ready for the change, while reducing red tape and enabling a smooth transition.

As a shipper, if you want to secure your US-bound air cargo business, it is your responsibility to know what the new requirements are.

More information on becoming a Known Consignor can be found here.

Quick Answers:

How can exporters comply with the US requirements?

Business exporting to the US by air have two options to meet the US requirements:

    1. Using an Australian Government approved freight agent who can examine US-bound air cargo. A list of these agents can be viewed on the department’s website.
    2. Being approved as a Known Consignor to secure air cargo at the point of origin in order to minimise potential delays and costs, You can begin the process of being approved as a Known Consignor on the department’s website.
What does piece level mean?

Piece level means that each individual box, carton, or other item in a shipment is examined by an X-ray machine or metal detector, depending on the nature of the item being examined, before it is loaded onto an aircraft.

What if I haven’t secured a solution for my US-bound air cargo?

If you are an exporter who has not yet secured a solution for your US-bound air cargo, a list of freight agents who can examine cargo at piece level is available on the department’s website. If your freight agent is not on the list, they will not be able to examine the cargo.


Exporters who are not yet Known Consignors should talk to their freight forwarder about how to ensure piece-level examination. If you have any concerns or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact a Seabridge export specialist on 1800 727 195.

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