Changes to Timber & Timber Products Import Conditions

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THE Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has released a notice that is of interest to importers of timber and timber products and associated industry participants and retailers.

Following completion of the Import Conditions Review (ICR) of timber and timber products by the Department and consultation with Industry, structural and editorial changes will be made to BICON cases for timber and timber products on 17 April 2017.

Importers that are currently able to meet import conditions for timber and timber products should not be affected by these 17 April 2017 changes.

Users will be able to search for the new and any modified cases using the BICON search function; and will be able to navigate the question and answer structure to get to the correct conditions.

New ‘Timber and timber products’ case

Within the Timber and timber products case, two import condition changes include:

  • The time allowed between treatment and export for unfinished timber (previously timber and timber mouldings) from all countries will be aligned to 90 days
  • Reconstituted wood products and plywood, veneer sheet and articles have been included on the Highly Processed Wooden Article list (see below), which is a list of items considered to have an acceptably low biosecurity risk. This list also includes manufactured wooden articles smaller than 4mm in height and width. Items that are listed as Highly Processed Wooden Articles only require commercial documentation to clear Biosecurity.

Future changes to documentary requirements for wooden manufactured articles

From 1 September 2017, the department will

  • Increase the time allowed between treatment and export for Wooden Manufactured Articles from 21 days to 6 months
  • Require that Wooden Manufactured Articles to be accompanied by an additional manufacturer’s or supplier’s declaration stating that the goods were stored so as to prevent risk of re-infestation by pests of concern in between treatment and date of export.

Purpose of the new declaration documents for wooden manufactured articles

Manufacturer or supplier declaration documents will give assurance to the department that manufactured wooden articles are free from the type of pests that are known to infest dry timber-in-service. Infestation of dry timber is common, and Australia remains free from the majority of pest species that can cause significant damage to timber-in-service.

These declaration documents will cover the date between treatment and export, up to a maximum of 6 months.

What the new declaration means

The additional declaration for wooden manufactured articles certifies the manufacturer/supplier has used one or all of the following measures to manage the risk of re-infestation.

  • A manufacturing/storage facility that is clean and free of pests, and/or
  • A pest management system or process in place that maintains the manufacturing/storage facility to be free of pests, and/or
  • A process for dealing with infestations in the manufacturing/storage facility, and/or
  • A packaging process that ensures that goods are protected from re-infestation from pests ie. Boxing/plastic wrapping/immediate sealing in container of products with treated wood after manufacture.

The new declaration

To demonstrate compliance with this requirement, a statement that the goods have been stored after treatment to minimise risk of re-infestation of biosecurity pests and disease will need to be presented on a manufacturer’s declaration or supplier’s declaration.

The format of these documents is stipulated in the department’s minimum document requirements (as per any manufacturer’s or supplier’s declaration).

The department is considering whether a statement with standard-words or a free text statement will be preferred and will advise importers in due course.

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