US Air Cargo Requirements in Effect

FROM 1 July, United States air cargo screening requirements have applied to all exports from Australia to the US.

These requirements have been imposed on airlines by the US Government and demand that all air cargo being transported to the US is either examined at piece level (box, carton, pallet or another deconsolidated form of cargo) or originates from a Known Consignor.


Cyber Threats & Data Protection

RECENT events across the world have raised concerns surrounding data protection and cyber security. At Seabridge, we believe in protecting our most valuable assets, our clients, and this depends on a robust data privacy and information security program. We view data privacy and information security as fundamental components of doing business.


Exporting & FTAs

THERE has been a low up take of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) by small to medium Australian exporters. FTAs cut tariffs, which are taxes or duties to be paid on traded goods and it is important for Australian exporters to offer FTAs to their clients.


Check-Weighing at Terminal Reveals Industry Non-Compliance

RECENTLY Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) at Webb Dock has started check weighing export containers received against the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) provided by shippers and forwarders in 1-stop.


New Shipping Alliances & Potential Rate Increases

ON 1 April, the shipping industry’s four major alliances became three - 2M, THE alliance and the Ocean Alliance. Although it is still early, it is anticipated that the new alliances will cause rate increases across the major trade lines as well as the changes to service networks.


Changes to India Service Tax on Freight

THE Government of India Ministry of Finance, through its three new notifications dated 13 April 2017, has shifted the responsibility of discharge of Service Tax on ‘Freight paid at Origin’ from the person in-charge of the Vessel to the Importer of goods, in India.


Prohibited Packaging Statements

THE Department of Agriculture and Water Resources reminds clients that it will no longer accept ‘Prohibited packaging material’ statements from 16 June 2017. Consignment specific packing declarations containing the ‘Prohibited packaging material’ statement dated prior to 16 June 2017 will be acceptable for their intended consignment.


The End of Stink Bug Season

FROM 30 April 2017, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources ceased heightened measures for the 2016-17 BMSB season. In addition target goods from the United States will no longer be subject to the specific import requirements that were applied during the 2016-17 BMSB season.


Changes to Timber & Timber Products Import Conditions

THE Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has released a notice that is of interest to importers of timber and timber products and associated industry participants and retailers.

Following completion of the Import Conditions Review (ICR) of timber and timber products by the Department and consultation with Industry, structural and editorial changes will be made to BICON cases for timber and timber products on 17 April 2017.


GST on all Imported Goods is on its Way

AS addressed previously, on 1 July 2017, GST will be payable on all consignments regardless of their value. Mr Andrew Hudson, Partner of Rigby Cooke Lawyers offers the following thoughts on what this will mean for Australian importers & exporters to Australia.


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