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At Seabridge, we take a tailored approach to global logistics which means that we meet the unique and exact needs of our customers and clients, every time. We are a full-service international freight and logistics provider, offering a range of cargo services from small-scale logistics through to complete, customised freight services and solutions for your global supply chain.

We have an established global network for international shipping but offer the support, service and flexibility of a local provider which we are proud to bring to our clients in Australia, New Zealand and around the world. We’re committed to our global logistics customer service and know that timely, efficient and secure cargo services are a valuable part of both domestic and international freight. We work with every client individually and offer our extensive experience to ensure prompt and secure logistics solutions, whether you need international shipping or domestic freight.

The Seabridge team have the experience and skill to facilitate all aspects of your cargo and international freighting, with solutions for land, air and sea transport. We manage every element of cargo transport and ensure that you have a direct operational contact at all times.

It’s our unique brand of air freight, shipping and project logistics expertise that makes us the logical choice for your cargo transport needs.

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With Seabridge, you can rest assured that your valuable cargo will be transported on time and in secure conditions, whether you need air cargo or freight logistics.

When you need to move your goods without delay, air freight is the most efficient way. We specialise in international air freight and domestic services, and can manage the unique needs of your business.

We are specialist air freight operators working with air cargo services to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective solution, and by choosing us at Seabridge for your air freight global logistics, you will ensure that your cargo arrives in perfect condition and on time. We have access to a global network of trusted partners which means we’ll get your goods to where they need to be.

  • Options for domestic air cargo and international air freight
  • A range of services and options
  • Full real-time tracking of your goods
  • Custom services
  • Next flight option

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We offer sea freight to ensure the success of your global supply chain. Our range of ocean shipping options ensures that whatever you need to move, you can do it with us.

For sea freight shipping, we offer expert cost advice so that you can gain a realistic picture of what to expect with your international freight shipping needs. We offer reliable routes, comprehensive sea freight shipping options and schedules to ensure that your sea freight gets there when it should. No matter how complex your ocean shipping needs, our global logistics team are well positioned to ensure your success.

  • Tailored sailing schedules
  • Range of cargo services and solutions
  • Competitive rates for freight services
  • Real-time tracking of your sea freight

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We offer logistics management to make your life easier. We understand that no two projects are the same, and our freight logistics experts are always on hand to ensure that your domestic and international logistics challenges are solved in an innovative and integrative way.

At Seabridge, we offer cost-effective, supply chain logistics to ensure that your project logistics needs are met easily.

  • Customs management
  • Custom logistics plans
  • Real-time tracking

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We aim to make customs management simple. We offer an in-house, experienced customs clearance agent as part of our customs consulting services to ensure that your shipments are seamlessly processed. Our customs clearance agent can work with you to clear goods with government authorities and will make sure that your next logistics shipment is smooth and efficient.

  • Calculations and facilitation of taxes, duties and excises
  • Landed costings
  • Declaration submissions

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Our customs consultancy services are in place to ensure that you have a complete single service option for understanding compliance needs. We aim to reduce the overall customs import duty and offer advice, guidance and support for your next shipment.

We can help your company to remain compliant no matter who you are working with, and our experienced team of customs brokers have accreditation across agriculture, water and other government departments.

  • Tariff advice
  • Duty drawback claims

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Work with us to ensure that your warehousing needs are streamlined. We offer a reliable and comprehensive solution for your short-term and ongoing warehousing needs and are your partner for third-party logistics.

For 3PL warehousing, you can trust us at Seabridge. You can significantly reduce costs and overheads with the advice of our established logistics services.

  • Racked bays
  • Easy access
  • Pest control
  • 24-hour security

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